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Private Label Jeans, SEDY Studios is the leading private label jeans manufacturing company for high-end clothing brands, designer brands, luxury and boutique brands who prefer to place smaller orders rather than placing large orders. Beside our Istanbul based Corporate HQ and factory with our UK Office we always aim to be very close to our partners to understand what they demand. We produce all kinds of denim, nondenim, chino and also knitwear. (flat knit such as cardigan,jumper,scarf etc and circular knit such as tshirt,sweatshirt,hoodie etc) garments. Products groups are Jeans, skirts, shirts, dresses, blouse, overall, dungaree etc both for women and men.
private label jeans

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Private Denim Brand

Private label products represent many different fields. Each brand can have its own product. As Sedy Studios we are private label jeans manufacturer provides you full service.  Thanks to our full package system you no need to think about where you do source the fabric, perfect trimmings such as buttons, leather labels, woven label, wash and care labels, lining, correct washing etc.

We deal with all stages from the beginning to the end of denim production. That's why you just need to throw us a picture of your favorite denim product. Sometimes even if you just describe the product, it is enough for us. Identify the product you need for your private brand, we will do all the remaining steps meticulously.

We are also made to types of manufacturing. One of them is small batch denim manufacturers and large batch denim manufacturers.

You may lay back and We can handle all of your denim manufacturing needs, from first samples through production.  You should choose Sedy Studios as jeans factory manufactuer because of our production system.

After the production process is finished, all the remaining materials are sent to the recycling facilities to prevent damage to the nature. In this way, we produce environmentally friendly products and we are working to leave you a more beautiful world.

With this great experience, we know very well what women jeans, men jeans and kids jeans like more. We continuously produce the latest trends by following the fashion and we offer to our esteemed customers.

  • Together with our expert team, we provide you with the best quality denim.

If you are looking for denim manufacturers near me you can contact with us.

Yes, you can put your own label on wholesale denim clothing. We work with brand your own jeans companies and produce denim products for their own brands. On the denim products you want;

  • Your brand emblem
  • Trademark lettering on the back of the trousers
  • Brand lettering on rivets

Or we can print your brand on any part of the private label jeans produced for your brand. Here, transactions are carried out at your own request.

We are working as private label jeans manufactuerer to offer you the best quality and nice service. For us, customer satisfaction and quality always take priority.

As Sedy Studios we are Jean manufacturers almost 30 years.

There are many different types of private label clothing line. Such as;

  • Denim manufacturing
  • T-shirt manufacturer
  • Short manufacturer
  • Dress manufacturer

Underwear and so on. But we should focus on Jean manufacturing in here.

I don't think there's a person without jeans in your closet. For many years, jean fabric is one of the most preferred fabrics for us. The popularity of jean fabric, starting with jeans, denim overalls, spread well over time with denim jackets, denim shirts. Jeans are a product that we do not hesitate to use in almost all areas of our lives. Sedy Studios as Turkey's oldest and one of the experienced manufacturer of  custom denim companies. We export all over Europe.

If you want to work with experienced denim company you should work with Jean manufactuerers as Sedy Studios.

Generally private label clothing manufactuers works with different companies in different industries.

Especially, garments made of denim fabric are textile and apparel products that people of all ages and walks perceive as high fashion garments. Denim fabric, which have developed continuously since the nineteenth century, and are one of the leading trends in fashion creation, are now an indispensable part of fashion. Famous fashion brands prefer denim manufacturing company when they want to make a different and amazing collection. The main reason for this is to increase the demand of young masses for denim jeans. And this is the creation of new fashion trends by applying changing lifestyles to denim products. The new fashion trends created allow customers to focus more on denim products. In this way, it provides significant increases in annual turnover of private label jeans manufacturers and sellers. The denim factory should make ;

  • Reliable
  • Best- workmanship
  • Quality
  • Durable

Private label denim. Sedy Studios is one of these companies. You can work with us as jeans factory manufacturers peace of mind.

Private label clothing manufacturers is the manufactuer of all different kinds of clothing products. Such as denim manufacturing. As Sedy Studios we are jeans manufacturer company to all over the world.

Our delivery system is so perfect. Your jeans which we are manufactured will reach you with safe and secure. Please contact us for getting more information..

Sampling stage:

Sampling process takes 7-10 days usually.

Fabric sourcing : At our own Turkish denim fabric manufacturing company also with closely working reputable Turkish fabric mills (also any global ones), we guarantee that we will find best matching fabric quality for your brand.

Design services : Made-to-order customized production  from SEDY Studios.

After you send us measurement chart (Wait If you don’t have any your own or otherwise if you want to use a sample you are happy with it ) and  even  an orginal sample. We already created your patterns acc to your  requests. You do not need to worry about it. Any stitching details,

  • colors,
  • bartack,
  • beltloops,
  • backpocket,
  • front pocket,
  • coin pocket,
  • embroidery,
  • print,
  • piping,
  • tape,

zipper, button, flybuttons, rivets, leather label, jacron will be sourced or designed by our skilled designer teams and presantate to you or your brand for your final confirmation.

Pattern making:

Once our pattern/block dept receipt your base pattern through our experienced merchandisers. SEDY ‘s talented pattern/block dept ladies are going to digit and make necessary arrangements according to your styles worksheet and comments also considering on washing shrinkage ratios of desired denim, nondenim, woven, chino etc  fabric quality you have choosed.

Washing (Laundry) processes: At our wet and dry laundry,dye house (reactive,antique),laser,G2 ozon departments all dreams become true.Washing is the key element for denim garment business of textile industry.

Although denim comes very simple to the producers and every jeans manufacturer claims that they are the best for cutting and making of the jeans garments.However they missed part of big point which is WASHING.
With our experienced textile engineers , washing developer and washing designer has got big passion to create perfect pair of jeans playing all natural indigo colors or using by chemicals to make finest and exclusive styles to add value on your fucking product !!

Trim Development and applying: Our partner trim manufacturing company will create and produce all your sample and bulk orders.


FCA,CIF,FOB,DAP,Door to door.Are you not familiar to all those incoterms ?  Leave it to us
We make on time delivery to your warehouse in term and condition we have agreed.

We will be happy to serve your brand  with our “all in house” factory means from fabric to delivery will be done under one roof .

Please do not hesitate to contact with any queries

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