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Those who follow fashion closely know that jeans are always fashionable. Jeans also called jeans pants are produced under the name of different brands. At Sedy Studios we are in this jeans manufacturer industry since 30 years and we have been manufacturing jeans for premium brands, hi-end and designer labels in private labelling. We are men jeans manufacturer, women jeans manufacturer, kids jean manufacturer and T-shirt manufacturer in this industry. Our aim is to catch %100 customer satisfaction in our denim manufacturing. So we give an importance about our products quality and delivery services to you.
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Clothing is an easy way to build an important personality in today's world, even if it's a fake one. Many people have noticed that there is a difference in treatment between riding on a plane with a suit or with everyday clothes. In addition to all these, it is actually an important feature to dress cleanly and suitably. When we cannot create a combination, the jeans that we prefer in our daily activities are an important part of social life. If we don't make it up, we'il put it on and take it off. Do we know that jeans, also known as bluejean, have a long journey between centuries and different geographies? Even more; Why do we call it jeans? Here are the facts we don't know about jeans.

  • The orange thread used by Levi Strauss & Co to sew jeans has become a major brand.
  • This color is used as a distinctive feature from other brands and to match the color of copper rivets.
  • Rivets are used for strengthening the pocket areas of jeans.

The pants originally produced by Levi Strauss & Co were fitted with rivets on all the front and rear pockets, but people complained that the rivets in the back pockets were drawing saddles and chairs, so they first covered them and then completely removed the rivets from the rear pockets. Thus, more beautiful products that do not harm other products appeared.

The first denim manfuactured for factory workers. With the denim fabric flexibility the denim is the most beautiful clothing in the first manufactured.

But we assure you that Sedy Studios denim products are protected for many years. At the same time we are shown as the address of quality at an affordable price. We export to many countries in the world and Turkey.

We are also manufacturing custom denim design to different companies. If you are looking for Private label jeans manufacturing company, Sedy Studios is the right choice.  The customized denim is produces according to your request and orders.

Also we are working Premium denim jeans companies. According to your request we are manufacturing fashion appeal denim products for you.

The first jeans manufacturer is in the France de-nimmes city. The name of the denim is come from this city. As I mentioned above the first denim made for the workers.

Jean fabric, whose first point of production was made of work clothes, was first used with pants models under the Levis brand. Therefore, it entered our lives in this way.

After the comfort of jeans was noticed and often preferred, salopettes were actually worn as work wear. Later, it was adopted and worn by the public. Undoubtedly, the celebrity's influence on the popularization of some clothes is now undeniable, and the denomination of those times (such as James Dean, Elvis Presley) is undeniable.

As Sedy Studios we are the turkey clothing manufacturers to the world. And also we are biggest and most experienced Textile companies in Turkey. When you talk about jean manufacturing company in Turkey, the Sedy Studios should comes your mind.

The answer of the denim manufacturers near me is us. Because we can export our custom denim jeans to all over the world.

The custom jeans cost changes according to your

  • order amount
  • fabric type
  • manufacturing process of denim ( washing, sewing, fabric meters etc. )

there are some different reasons effects the cost of denim.

So if you are interested in this sector and wonder abour turkey jean price , you should contact with us as denim manufacturers.

The basic raw material of denim is Cotton. The real blue jeans should be manufactured with %100 cotton. But according to today's customer and people request the raw material of denim can be changed. It can be stretch or other fabric types.

As Sedy Studios we are istanbul jeans manufacturer and we can make denim with using different materials and different washing techniques.

Also Sedy Studios is the sustainable jeans manufacturer and we are not give any harm to the environment. We always use re-cycle denim fabric and products because of the global warming. We want to give bright future to the new generations.

As we mention above true denim should be made is %100 cotton. But today we can see the different patterns.

The pants are the clothes we use the most during our life. Both are easy to use in daily life and are indispensable for comfort pants. Especially in women's wardrobe, there are so many pants models that you will be surprised to see. Skinny jean, mom jeans, high waist jeans, and many other types of beauty that can be worn every day.

These jean types we mentioned above manufactured from different fabrics. Because of the jean structure.

As denim company we can make all your order according to your request, jean pattern and denim structure.

Blue Jean trousers are usually made of 100 percent cotton, but there are blue denim types with synthetic material. For example, one of these types is a stretch denim with 3% elastane which makes them flexible. Rivets are usually made of copper, but vary according to request. Zippers, snap fasteners and buttons are usually produced using steel material. The labels are made of fabric, leather or plastic and processed with cotton yarn.

The pair of jeans which we manufactured in a year changes every year.

With increasing demand and customer satisfaction, we produce more denim every year and deliver it to our customers. We expand our production and distribution network every year. Our denim company is very large. Believe that we will achieve better with 30 years of experience.

The price of denim jeans changes according to your order

  • We can produce all kinds of design trousers that you like and want.
  • We design all kinds of new models including men's jeans, women's jeans and kid’s jeans.
  • And we will get to you as soon as possible.

Sedy Studios, a manufacturer of men's jeans that closely follows world clothing trends with its strong R & D structure, strives to bring its superior quality products and brands to a distinguished position in the global market where competition is not bound by adding original designs to the integrity of patterns and colors. We are manufacturing custom denim for you.

If you are looking for jean factory manufacturers, we are the true address for you.

After briefly mentioning how jeans is born, let's come to the trend of known as denim on denim which is the jean trend of 2019. First of all, because jeans will never go out of fashion, you can easily buy the appropriate parts on this train, you can wear for many years. It is also one of the most comfortable trends to follow. In the first place, all you need is to choose jean fabrics in the upper and lower parts.

The easiest way to keep up with this train is to wear denim shirts and jeans together. At this point, the fashion is divided into several types. So you can choose these two pieces as jean fabrics painted in different shades or different shapes, one light and one dark. So you don't have to try to match colors. On the other hand, the most commonly used in this trend is to consider these two parts as a complete set. My favorite point about this train is the fact that both parts are the same color. Because the integrity provided in this way also helps you look longer.

  • White jean models for the summer season cannot be thought of in this trend.
  • Combining the trend of jeans with white trousers, which has a serious popularity in 2019 summer fashion, creates a very elegant look.
  • You can complete this very useful pair with sandals and relax in the daily rush.
  • If you want heeled shoes, you can create a more elegant style.

So denim on denim fashion is so common in these years. You can contact us for learn about our denim on denim fashion products.

The process of cotton being pants is quite long. Each yarn must travel in a different world. If we want to produce a quality trouser product, we have to keep it under control from the first stage to the last stage of the production process. Sedy Studios as private label jeans manfuacturer, we are among the leading companies in the production of jeans and other jeans products for 30 years. We have the potential to export to Europe  and Middle East from Turkey. There are many companies in the world where we work and produce Jean. Since the first day of production, jeans have become indispensable in our lives. Therefore, the production process is curious by many people. Now let's examine in detail th Manufacturing Process of Jean.

  • Everything starts with the production of cotton in high quality soils.
  • Grown and grown cottons are collected from the fields, processed and baled.
  • The bales are then opened and divided into small tufts.
  • Then remove from tightly packed bales.
  • After a good inspection, the cotton goes to carding by suction.
  • It goes to the machines using twisted wire brushes.
  • Thanks to these machines, cotton is separated from foreign materials, flattened and separated into cotton strips.
  • These ribbons then go to spinning machines that provide yarn formation, twist the cotton ribbons and perform the stretching process.
  • Part of this yarn is dyed several times with chemically synthesized indigo dye, so that the color becomes more permanent.
  • After dyeing, yarn is taken to cutting process.
  • The yarn is coated with a sizing material that makes the seams stronger and harder.
  • The dyed white yarn is then woven on large looms.
  • The blue yarns forming the warp are packed closer after weaving, so that the resulting fabric becomes blue.
  • The resulting fabrics are called as denim.

After weaving, the denim is ready for further processing. Brushing is then carried out to make the loose yarns more robust. The denim fabric is then stacked to a thickness of 100 times. The stacked denim fabric is then sent to high speed cutting machines to be cut into pieces required for desired denim designs. A pair of jeans has very different pieces such as pockets, leg panels, belts and belt loops. (Sedy Studios as Jean manufacturers, we combine all parts with dedication and work to produce the best quality jeans and denim products for you.) These parts are then sewn into the assembly line of sewing machines operated by the sewing personnel and all parts are sewn into a pair of jeans.

So, ıf you are looking for custom denim company you should contact us. We are also different denim apparel manufacturing company in Turkey.

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